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This week on Third Eye Cinema: we’re talking music!

We’ll be speaking with Chris Bennett of Widow, one of the earliest and still one of the best bands of the retro-traditional metal scene!

Starting way back in the late 90’s, Chris and John Wooten came out of the death metal scene with a then-unheard of passion for traditional 80’s metal, and over the course of four albums almost singlehandedly created a scene that is thriving to this day, out of their home base of Raleigh, NC!

With their third record referred to by Terrorizer magazine as one of the “ten best albums of the decade that sounds like it wasn’t recorded in this decade”, Widow has been blazing a trail and creating a movement in Raleigh mirrored only by the Toronto scene for “old style” melodic metal performed by up and coming young bands!

Fans of melodic yet progressive metal in the tradition of Dokken, Crimson Glory, Leatherwolf and Mercyful Fate will surely want to tune in for this one…

Join us for another of our discussions with the leaders of the retro-traditional metal revival, when we speak to guitarist and vocalist Chris Bennett of Widow!

Week 23 (Sun. July 15) – Chris Bennett of Widow


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