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  • Film – links to shows featuring cult film directors, actors, and “boutique label” DVD company presidents.
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  • Literary – Print reviews and discussion relating to literature, worthwhile and obscure. Don’t expect your mother’s crappy paperback romances or Barnes Ignoble “bestsellers”.
  • Music – links to shows featuring musicians worth hearing – metal bands, punk bands, goth rockers.
  • Music Review – Print reviews and discussion relating to music that happens to come across my desk.  Our Monthly Roundup covers all the music releases fit to hear from the many arenas of metal, punk, goth, electronic and neo-folk revivalists.
  • Audio Drama Review – ongoing coverage of the exciting subculture of cult television series revival and original cast drama, encompassing such beloved series as Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, Dark Shadows, The Avengers and much more.

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The radio show:
your source for in depth discussion of cult cinema (and music), with a focus on film that matters: cult, grindhouse, drive-in, independent and underground film from the dawn of the talkies through the early nineties. We focus on the glory days of independent cinema, from all over the US, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Indonesia, India, the Phillipines, Japan, Hong Kong or any of the hotbeds of obscure, oddball, or generally wild cinema available on DVD from the dawn of the medium to this very day. Just don’t blame us if we focus on those filmmakers who are still going strong in the field of independent cult film as well!

The show airs Sunday nights at 7pm EST (4pm PST) on blogtalk radio, and shows are available for download or listen in perpetuity subsequent to initial airing. See individual posts for links to the shows in question.

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