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Welcome to Third Eye Cinema!  Tonight we present part 2 of our interview with the one and only Bill Zebub, radio show host, magazine entrepeneur and independent SOV filmmaker!

This week, we play a little hardball…be prepared to take on some tough topics and frank discussion in the conclusion of this conversation with the controversial filmmaker!

With a strong bent towards both absurdist humor and philosophical didacticism, Bill has produced numerous documentary interview compilations with bands in the underground metal scene, as well as several Beckettian lowbrow comedies revolving around the life and misadventures of diehard metalheads, which he continually revisits and remakes in updated, often significantly altered versions.

While clearly a man of deep thought, who inserts monologues and steers discussions towards eschatological issues at any possible juncture, Bill is also a true iconoclast who steers his creative endeavors with a strong eye towards offending any and all comers in a comedic light.  So be warned: if you have hot buttons, prepare to have them pushed tonight!

Join us as we speak to Bill Zebub, right here on Third Eye Cinema!

This is part two of a lengthy in depth discussion, begun in Week 9.

Week 10 (Sun. Mar. 25)
Third Eye Cinema 3/25/12 with Bill Zebub part 2


For more on Bill, check out his official site