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This week on Third Eye Cinema: we’re talking music!

Next up: we speak with wild man Jackie Slaughter of Skull Fist!  A former skatepunk who “saw the light” of fretboard worship, Jackie has come out of nowhere with a truly retro-traditional metal look and sound, all the more amazing for being produced in this day and age, by a band too young to have been there the first time around! 

Fans of flashy guitar pyrotechnics ala TNT, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Vincent, Nitro, and Racer X must…and I mean MUST tune in for this one. 

Join us for the first of our discussions with bands in the retro-traditional metal revival, when we speak to guitar virtuoso Jackie Slaughter of Skull Fist!

Week 13 (Sun. Apr. 15)  Huntress / Skull Fist

For more on Jackie and Skull Fist, check out the official FB page