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This week on Third Eye Cinema: the inimitable Cynthia Rothrock!

Holder of multiple titles and trophies including 5 years straight as World Champion in Weapons and Forms and black belts in no less than SIX disciplines across both Chinese and Korean styles, Cynthia was scouted by Golden Harvest in the mid-80’s to become “the next Bruce Lee”.  She’s gone on to become the first major Western superstar working in Hong Kong cinema, before returning to our shores to star in a combined total of over 40 films to date!

The real-life inspiration for Mortal Kombat’s Sonya Blade and frequent pin-up, Cynthia continues to make films, as well as working as a martial arts teacher, with plans to open her own dojo!

Join us as we speak to the lovely (and dangerous!) Cynthia Rothrock, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 17 (Sun. June 3) – Cynthia Rothrock

For more on Cynthia, check out her official site