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This week on Third Eye Cinema: Christian Hector from “nautik” funeral doom band Ahab!

One of the most accessible and progressive of bands in the slow, trancelike subset of doom metal christened funeral doom, Chris and Ahab left well respected pagan metal band Midnattsol (with Liv Kristine’s sister Carmen Espenaus) to become the inventors of their very own subgenre.

With a lyrical focus on turn of the century literary sources relating to adventures on the ocean and a progressive bent that leads them into new and more unexpected vistas with each subsequent concept album, this is quite an unusual and interesting band from out of Germany, and they’re about to embark on their first headlining tour.

Join us when we speak to Chris Hector from Ahab, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 18 (Sun. June 10) – Chris Hector of Ahab


For more on Chris and Ahab, check out the official FB page