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This week on Third Eye Cinema: the first lady of exploitation, the irrepressible Roberta Findlay!

More or less incommunicado for nearly 25 years, Roberta has consented to grant Third Eye Cinema an exclusive interview for your delectation!

A true pioneer in exploitation, she’s been touted by various sources as being both the first female cinematographer and as “the first female pornographer”.  Her films with former husband Michael Findlay were legendary among cult film aficionados, for both their psychosexual excesses and grim artistic leanings, as some of the earliest and most intense of the “roughies”.

Later moving into lensing porn during its golden age in the 70’s, Roberta joined with her longtime partner Walter Sear to create a final batch of unforgettable cult horror films in the mid to late ‘80s, before leaving the film industry behind forever to manage the famous SearStudios in New York City.

Join us as we speak to Roberta Findlay, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 19 (Sun. June 17) –   Roberta Findlay