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This week on Third Eye Cinema: our metal summer continues, with Stefan Lichtenberger of Kontrust!

First off this evening, we have with us one of the driving for…ces behind quite an unusual and interesting band from out of Austria – a band who are truly breaking down the accepted stylistic templates associated with genre to create a sound uniquely their own.

Gothic metal, pop, punk, even dancehall reggae and nu-metal blend in a high energy, surprisingly good humored melange that is so fluid and unsettled that the music doesn’t just push boundaries – it actually doesn’t even acknowledge their existence.

With the marked contrast between Agata Jarosz’ melodic choruses and bridges and Stefan’s edgy, light hearted take on aggro, the only comparative reference that really applies would be Japan’s amazing High and Mighty Color.

With an equal appeal to fans of any of the abovementioned genres, exposure to this band may just open those tired and jaded ears to something new and wholly unexpected!

Winners of the Austrian Newcomer Award and the Amadeus Austrian Music Award and now making a bid for international stardom with their first album on Napalm Records, the uncategorizable Second Hand Wonderland, join us as we speak to Stefan of Kontrust, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 20 (Sun. June 24) – Stefan Lichtenberg of Kontrust and Andreas Hedlund of Vintersorg


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