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This week on Third Eye Cinema: our metal summer continues, with Andreas “Vintersorg” Hedlund of Vintersorg!

Next, we have quite an amazing band who crosses the borders of black metal, pagan metal and viking metal to create something quite new and surprisingly melodic. Taking part in a mind boggling seven bands, many simultaneously, Andreas “Vintersorg” Hedlund brings the epic sound he helps to craft in the well respected Borknagar and a mixture of folk and progressive sensibilities to his own long running band, where apart from fellow guitarist Mattias Marklund, he handles all vocals and instruments himself.

With mainly clean vocals and soaring harmonies very much akin to such 70’s progressive rock acts as Kansas and Styx, Andreas approaches, and perhaps surpasses, the majesty of the early Ulver records for their epic scope and near mainstream accessibility. With an excellent new record out called Orkan (or “Storm” in English), join us as we speak to Andreas Hedlund of Vintersorg!

Week 20 (Sun. June 24) – Stefan Lichtenberg of Kontrust and Andreas Hedlund of Vintersorg


For more on “Mr. V” himself, Andreas and Vintersorg, check out the official FB page