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This week on Third Eye Cinema (Sun. July 8, 7pm EST/4pm PST): the legendary Mem Von Stein of German thrash veterans Exumer!

This evening, we have with us one of the driving forces behind one of the most intense old school thrash metal bands in history!

With one amazingly aggressive record under their belt, Exumer fell victim to personnel and stylistic changes, and folded shortly thereafter.  But with the dawn of the retro movement, more and more fans came to realize that 1986′ Possessed By Fire was truly one of the best of not only the amazing German thrash scene, but one of the best thrash records ever made, PERIOD.

Now, after 25 years, the original band leaders of Mem Von Stein (vocals) and Ray Mensh (guitars) are back together, and cliche notwithstanding, sounding better than ever with the punishing Fire & Damnation – a record more aggressive than those put out by bands half their age!

A street level progressive who lives his beliefs and social worker by trade, Mem channels his frustration at what’s going wrong with our society into music as powerful (if not moreso!) than he was making a quarter century gone by!

Join us for an entertaining and informative discussion with the one and only Mem Von Stein of Exumer, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 22 (Sun. July 8) –  Mem Von Stein from Exumer


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