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This week on Third Eye Cinema: prepare yourselves for a retro metal triple threat!

First: we’ll be speaking with Alex Gutierrez of Mortillery, a brand new band exploding onto the retro-traditional thrash scene!

Formed just 3 years ago in 2009, Mortillery released only one EP before being picked up for their major label debut on Napalm Records!

With a background in punk and a clear and obvious love of classic 80’s San Francisco Bay Area thrash, Mortillery combines some seriously traditional stylings with some very modern touches (old school vets should be surprised to hear that half the band is female!) and is poised to take the metal scene by storm!

Fans of old school US style thrash in the tradition of Overkill, Forbidden, Heathen, Vio-Lence and Znowhite are advised to check this one out!

Join us for another of our discussions with the leaders of the retro-traditional metal revival, when we speak to rhythm guitarist Alex Gutierrez of Mortillery!

Join us for a hat trick of retro-traditional metal from the bands of today!
Week 24 (Sun. July 22) – Alex Gutierrez of Mortillery, Jason Decay of Cauldron and Chris Bennett of Widow


For more on Alex and Mortillery, check out the official FB page