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This week on Third Eye Cinema: Brian Lawrence, guitarist and vocalist for cult doom/thrash metal band Dream Death!

Having only one 1987 studio album to their credit, the reputation of this fearsome and unclassifiable underground metal band has grown to exponential proportions in intervening years, to the point where original copies of their much sought after album commanded high prices in the collector’s market!  Long considered the crown jewel in the New Renaissance Records catalog, this undiscovered gem has taken a place all its own in the field of 80’s metal!

Often classified as some unique hybrid of doom, thrash and even proto-death metal, Dream Death has garnered a long-deserved reputation as one of the heaviest, rawest and darkest bands in metal, prompting the long-belated releases of an early live show and a compilation of their demo work to satisfy fan demand for more material!  And now, 25 years on, there are burgeoning rumors of a new record rearing its eldritch head on the horizon…

Join us for a Journey Into Mystery, when we speak to Brian Lawrence of Dream Death!

Week 26 (Sun. Aug 5) – Brian Lawrence of Dream Death


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