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Welcome to Third Eye Cinema!  Tonight we interview Arch Hall Jr., surf rocker, aviator, author and star of 6 films well known in the annals of cult, psychotronic, and weird cinema: The Choppers, Wild Guitar, Eegah with Ray Dennis Steckler, The Sadist, The Nasty Rabbit (aka Spies A-Go-Go) and Deadwood ’76. 

Arch has a storied background not only in film and music (with his band The Archers, who once boasted Dobie “drift away” Gray as a member), but in aviation, where he worked for decades after leaving the world of film behind for good. He’s also written a highly acclaimed novel jam packed with drug running, guerilla-style revenge and a whole lot of sex in exotic Thailand.

Join us as we interview the one and only Arch Hall Jr., right here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 3 (Sun. Feb. 5th 7pm)

For more on Arch, check out his official site