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Tonight on Third Eye Cinema:  First we have with us a man who’s been leading the same band for a jaw dropping 32 years.   With a straight ahead melodic traditional metal style  and a strong lyrical focus on literary and historical sources, Chris Boltendahl and his band Grave Digger have weathered the changing trends and served as an inspiration to generations of Teutonic metal bands that came and went in their wake!

Now casting an eye to Bullfinch and Homeric mythology with their latest album Clash of the Gods, join us as we wend our way through the labyrinth and take down the Medusa, with Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 30 (Sun. Sept. 9) – Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger and Dean Roberts of Leatherwolf


For more on Chris and Grave Digger, check out their official FB site