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This week on Third Eye Cinema: the legendary Tony Portaro, guitarist and vocalist of Whiplash!

One of the most driving and aggressive bands in the thrash/speed metal underground, Whiplash, originally comprised of the well respected “three Tonys” (Portaro, Scaglione and Bono) bring their East Coast sensiblities, impeccable musicianship and close kinship to the New York hardcore scene to the table on such classic slabs of ripping force as Power and Pain, Ticket to Mayhem and the “reunion” album Thrashback!

With a number of head banging classics under their belt (and a veritable laundry list of musicians having passed through their ranks), Tony and the latest incarnation of the band are about to drop a new release on us, intending to capture the raw speed and force of their early days!

Join us for an in depth discussion with the one and only Tony Portaro, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 32 (Sun Sept. 23) – Tony Portaro of Whiplash


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