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Welcome to Third Eye Cinema!  Tonight we interview Tim Lucas, critic, author, and now screenwriter – the man behind Video Watchdog, the magazine so dedicated to fantastic cinema, in depth interviews with its stars and creators, and its presentation on DVD and other released media that it’s become an industry standard. Winner of the Rondo Award for 5 years straight (2002-2006!), this is THE magazine for cineastes, subscribed to by industry professionals and fans alike.

Tim has also spent a decade or more working on the recently released Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark, a massive biographic filmography of one of Italian genre film’s greatest auteurs, has published numerous informative DVD insert essays on the films of Bava, Jesus Franco and Jean Rollin and is currently pursuing his longstanding desire to become a screenwriter.

Join us as we speak to Tim Lucas, right here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 5 (Sun. Feb. 19 7pm)

For more on Tim and Video Watchdog, check out the official site or the official blog