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This week on Third Eye Cinema: Gigi Hangach, vocalist and frontwoman for well respected female melodic shredders Phantom Blue!

Making their debut in 1989 as the first and only all-female band on noted guitar shred label Shrapnel Records, Phantom Blue dropped a slab of aggressive, well structured metal very much in the vein of infamous shred maestros Racer X that has become a much sought after album among collectors, with the band finally gaining some serious (and well deserved) respect among today’s metal aficionados!

Moving to Geffen Records for their 1993 followup Built to Perform, the band took on a dramatic change in style, while still delivering a solid album with some excellent blues-inflected vocals. After a few more releases during the dark days of the 90’s, the band went their separate ways, but reunited recently to salute a fallen comrade.

Now making a name for herself as a dedicated animal activist, Gigi joins us to talk about being “the female Racer X”, what inspired the lyrical shift on the second album, and giving some respect to our furry friends!

Join us as we speak to Gigi Hangach of Phantom Blue, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 34 (Sun. Oct. 14) – Gigi Hangach of Phantom Blue