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On Sunday, December 8, 7pm EST, 4pm PST, tune in for the final Third Eye broadcast of 2012, with a trio of power metal bands straight out of Europe!

First up, we speak to Markus Brinkmann of longtime genre standbys Mob Rules!

With an equal focus on melodic, radio friendly metal and the sort of politicosocial consciousness not seen in the scene since the heyday of thrash, Mob Rules delivers another slab of straightforward metal worthy of your attention on their new record Cannibal Nation!

Next, we have a fireside chat with Seeb Levermann of melodic metal maestros Orden Ogan!

Drawing equally from power and pagan metal, Orden Ogan meet the challenge of modern production with a sound equally reminiscent of acts like Manowar and Edenbridge, with wide open multi-voiced choruses and crisp post-millenial studio savvy on their latest and greatest, To The End!

Finally, we speak to the irrepressible Timo Schwammlein, “Managarm” from pagan/black/power metal warriors Varg!

With the courage to record almost exclusively in their native tongue, and tapping into the sound and imagery of black, pagan, and power metal alike, Varg mix the brutality, harsh vocals and stagenames of black metal with the bounce and melodic leanings of pagan and power metal to create a unique balance of power and pain (and even a dash of social relevance) with their American assault, Guten Tag!

Join us for our year end blowout, Sunday December 9!

Week 38: Hat Trick of Power Metal with Mob Rules, Orden Ogan and Varg



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