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This week on Third Eye Cinema: Wisconsin’s own one-man filmmaking industry, Bill Rebane!

Staying just one step ahead of the Soviet takeovers of Latvia, Estonia, and East Germany back in the 40’s, Bill emigrated to the US, learning English from the movies and quickly moving his way up from mailroom to executive producer in 50’s live television, as well as introducing a 360 degree film process to such industry heavyweights as Warner Brothers, Disney, MGM and even Hugh Hefner!

Establishing his own studio in the heartland of America, Rebane was responsible for such 70’s and 80’s cult classics as The Giant Spider Invasion, Capture of Bigfoot, Demons of Ludlow and creepy slasher Blood Harvest with none other than Tiny Tim!

Join us as we speak to Bill Rebane, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 42 (Sun. Mar. 3) – Bill Rebane


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