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Next time on Week 43 of Third Eye Cinema: singer, songwriter, producer and glam metal legend Davy Vain!

With his moody and introspective take on melodic, Hollywood style metal, Davy has marked a trail all his own, creating an expressive, emotional and often angst ridden sound unafraid to explore the vagaries of life, love, and sex on the seedier side of the street.

While mainstream audiences know him best for his flawless Island Records debut No Respect, Davy and his band Vain have been putting out a steady flow of consistently solid releases that stay close to the original template while still adapting to the changing times!

With his latest album Enough Rope, Davy has brought the entire original lineup back together, and with continued tours of Europe and the US, Davy remains a vibrant and vital force in hard rocking metal with an existential flair!

Join us as we speak to the one and only Davy Vain, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 44 (Sun. Mar. 17) – Davy Vain (pt 1)



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