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Miami Connection

Next time on Third Eye Cinema: the man behind Miami Connection, Grandmaster Y.K. Kim!

Yes, this is a man who has only been involved in one film to date…but what a film it is!

A black belt in Taekwondo in his native Korea by the ripe old age of 13, Kim came to our shores in the very shadow of Ellis Island to pursue the American dream from the bottom up, without any real proficiency in the English language or promise of steady work.

After establishing himself in his new home base of central Florida, Kim was given the opportunity to write, cast, produce and star in a unique and extremely entertaining piece of grindhouse history, intended to promote the value of Taekwondo and incorporating rock music, bikers, drug dealers, and even Florida based ninja into its all too brief running time!


Now better known for a chain of martial arts schools in the southern region of the East Coast, as well as making a name for himself as an infomercial maven and inspirational speaker, Kim joins us to discuss his story, his philosophy on life and martial arts, and the amazing Miami Connection!

Join us for a positively charged, good humored interview with a true force of nature: Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 46 (Sun. Apr. 7) – Grandmaster Y.K. Kim



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