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D-A-D- Band Photo 2013Fabian Schwarz_NewBlack

Next time on Third Eye Cinema (Sun. May 5): two hard rockers with a metal edge!


First, we’re sleeping the day away to bring you glam metal/hard rock veteran Jesper Binzer of D.A.D.!

With their classic third album No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims, the band known as Disneyland After Dark came out of a positive punk background to deliver an unforgettable mixture of Hollywood style glam and the “modern rock” “cowpunk” style popularized by acts like Southern Death Cult, Wall of Voodoo and Fields of the Nephilim!

After saturating the airwaves with hits like “point of view” and “sleeping my day away” (which also had a video in rotation on MTV) and being slapped with a name-changing lawsuit by the corporate heads at a certain longstanding franchise, they apparently vanished from view, actually hunkering down to a chart topping, award winning career in their native Denmark that continues to the present day!

7 albums later, the band has gone back to their roots, with a record that rocks harder than the last time they made a splash on domestic shores!

With an unusual and somewhat visually oblique homonym for the band’s name, Dic-Nii-Lan-Daft-Erd-Ark represents a milestone in melodic, fist pumping hard rock with that classic glam metal feel!

Join us as we speak to veteran rocker Jesper Binzer of D.A.D., only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Then, something a bit out of the ordinary!

Despite hailing from the Central European climes of Wurzburg, Bavaria, Fabian Schwarz and his pun-inspired The New Black (Teutonic fans will get the joke) have eschewed the standard military march inflections of German metal for the looser, more open feel of down home American hard rock!

With a strong base in Southern rock and steeped in such disparate acts as Black Label Society, Alice in Chains, Pantera and Corrosion of Conformity, The New Black overcomes the limitations of such styles with a strong injection of Motorhead and a more European melodic hard rock/metal feel!

With a surprisingly strong and catchy release in The New Black III: Cut Loose, Fabian and company have delivered a truly essential piece of rock meets grunge meets heavy metal history!

Join us for a fun, good naturedly amusing interview with the man with the plan himself, Mr. Fabian Schwarz, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 48 (Sun. May 5) – Jesper Binzer of D.A.D and Fabian Schwarz of The New Black



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