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Next time on Third Eye Cinema: a modern metal legend!

As the producer and owner of Mastersound Studios, he’s worked with gothic metal greats like Elis, Delain, Theatre of Tragedy and Visions of Atlantis, and traditional and thrash metal veterans such as Doro Pesch of Warlock, Whiplash and Anvil!

As the mastermind behind Leaves Eyes, he co-fronts the most recognized and beloved act in gothic, symphonic and viking/pagan metal circles!

And as the leader of his own long running band Atrocity, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of death metal, tapping into gothic, industrial, and even pop territory over a long and varied career spanning back to the mid-80’s!

Join us for an entertaining and informative interview with Alex Krull of Leaves Eyes and Atrocity, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 49 (Sun. May 19) – Alex Krull of Atrocity



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