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Nico Mastorakis

Next time on Third Eye Cinema: genre-bending independent auteur Nico Mastorakis!

With a background as an investigative reporter, concert promoter, radio DJ and television producer, Nico made his move into film with one of the most infamous of the “video nasties”, the perverse Island of Death.  After a brief foray into television as writer and co-producer of The Greek Tycoon, Nico and his Omega Entertainment would go on to release one entertaining, unclassifiably expectation defying film after another: The Zero Boys, The Wind, Nightmare at Noon, Skyhigh, Glitch, Terminal Exposure and more!


Marked by a strong sense of characterization and suspense, as well as being blessed with a long line of “name” stars (and those who would go on to become such), his films stand alone among independent exploitation cinema as being consistently entertaining, surprising, quality pictures that touch on the tropes of numerous film subgenres at once, without truly being pigeonholable as any of them: action slashers, sex comedy spy films, slick mystery thrillers with elements of all of the above and more!

A man with a great sense of humor about himself and his work, join us for an insightful and amusing interview with the one and only Nico Mastorakis, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 51 (Sun. June 9): Nico Mastorakis



Nico M

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