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Next time on Third Eye Cinema, a double bill of European metal bands you should be buzzing about!

First up, we speak to a man whose band sports a truly international focus!  With Germans, Italians, Serbians and Americans all passing through the ranks, these UK-based, traditionally inflected metallers call to mind everything from vintage TNT and Yngwie Malmsteen to Journey!

Edens Curse- SoS 2013 coverart

With a short but surprisingly busy career spanning a mere 7 years, they’ve managed to put out 4 albums, 2 EPs and a single, while maintaining a high level of quality and polish throughout!

After a brief period of internal changeover marked most pronouncedly by the loss of their original vocalist, the band is back and sounding better than ever with an even more dynamic frontman and stronger production savvy, big backup vocal-assisted choruses, and a surprisingly uplifting,  positively charged lyrical focus!

It’s no hyperbolic exaggeration to say this may very well be their defining moment on record…

Join us as we speak to the irrepressible Paul Logue of Eden’s Curse, only here on Third Eye Cinema!


Next up, a man whose band has been stumping away for two decades straight, gradually evolving from a straightforward black metal act to death metal to an unclassifiably melodic based sound that incorporates elements of power metal, industrial, gothic metal and more!

With often dark and personal lyrics offset by a smooth, clean vocal approach over a driving modern metal backing, this is about as close to emo as metal gets.

Join us as we speak to vocalist/guitarist Eike Freese of Dark Age, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 66 (Sun. Oct. 27): Paul Logue of Eden’s Curse and Eike Freese of Dark Age