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chasingbackpatch Skull fist live

Next time on Third Eye Cinema: we’re talking no false metal!

Despite sustaining shocking injuries in a freak skating accident, he’s back in black and Head of the Pack, proving once and for all that you can’t keep a good wild man down!

skull fist

Noted madman and guitar virtuoso Jackie Slaughter returns to talk skateboarding stunts, fretboard shredding and the album that took nearly 3 years to release…

Fans of flashy guitar pyrotechnics ala TNT, Yngwie Malmsteen, Shrapnel records, Nitro and Racer X need to tune in for this one…because “shred’s not dead”!

Join us as we speak once again to Canada’s favorite son, the irrepressible Jackie Slaughter of Skull Fist!

Week 70 (Sun. Jan. 19) – Jackie Slaughter of Skull Fist – the return!


SONY DSC  Skull-Fist-Chasing-The-Dream