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DC Cooper3

Next time on Third Eye Cinema: we speak with another golden voiced metal frontman!

With his velvet-smooth tones gracing the better part of the discography of no less than two major players in the European power metal scene, he was a founding member of both Alex Beyrodt’s Silent Force and Andre Andersen’s symphonically oriented Royal Hunt!

Lending a smooth and clean veneer to many a recording over the past 20 years, this man also proves to be unusually introspective and civic minded, serving for many years as both volunteer firefighter and EMS tech in his East Coast hometown in addition to his European touring and recording duties!

Recently reunited with his former bandmates in Royal Hunt at the behest of both fans and fellow musicians, join us as we premier vocalists in metal, the one and only D.C. Cooper!

Week 74 (Sun. Feb. 23): D.C. Cooper of Royal Hunt and Silent Force



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