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Next time on Third Eye Cinema: gothic Viking chanteuse Liv Kristine returns to talk Leaves Eyes!


As a founding member of the band who nigh singlehandedly birthed the gothic metal genre, Theatre of Tragedy, and with four further albums under her belt as a solo act, Liv has progressed to the pinnacle of fame fronting the classiest and most beloved of pagan/symphonic acts, the mighty Leaves Eyes, alongside husband, producer and mastermind Alex Krull (Atrocity, Mastersound Studios)!

With their latest Symphonies of the Night representing a strong return to form hearkening back to the days of Lovelorn, Vinland Saga and particularly the excellent Legend Land, please join us as we speak to one of the true leading lights in gothic and pagan metal, the lovely and talented Liv Kristine, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 77 (Sun. Apr. 20) – Liv Kristine of Leaves Eyes



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