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Next time on Third Eye Cinema, join us as we try not to get eaten by trolls!

One of the more unique vocalists we’ve had on the show and hailing from a band equal parts metal and what’s been dubbed “world music”, this man and his bandmates have brewed up a highly unusual potable of the traditional pagan folk of several cultures, black metal style vocals and a cross between any number of underground metal subgenres, with a strong sense of humor and dance or mosh-ability taking primacy.

Following on one of the most entertaining, crowd participatory shows I’ve been to since my days in the punk scene, they’ve released a new album that retains the sound fans have come to know and love while stretching the accepted template and reaching for something new and even more likeable than ever!

Join us for a discussion with the Trollmannen himself, Jostein of Trollfest, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 78 (Sun. Apr. 27): Jostein the Trollmannen of Trollfest



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