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Next time on Third Eye Cinema: we speak with one of the two men behind a long running symphonic metal band with a difference!

Joining the band shortly after the recording of their debut album, he and vocalist Silvio Massaro have taken over and held high the flag of bombastic, melodic and uniquely emotional European-style metal for the better part of their nearly two decade long career!

One of the few notable bands of its genre and approach to hail from the nation that brought us Crocodile Dundee, kickboxer Richard Norton, wrestlers the Bushwackers and the vegemite sandwich, they have survived both personal loss and the departure of the entire original lineup to deliver what may very well be the crowning jewel in their 20 plus year career!

Join us for an entertaining conversation with one of Australia’s finest, the one and only Chris Porcianko of Vanishing Point!

Week 79 (Sun. May 4): Chris Porcianko of Vanishing Point