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Next time on Third Eye Cinema: the indie film director’s roundtable, with SOV auteurs Mark Polonia and Tim Ritter!

Among the true leaders of the shot on video movement in cinema, both men started out at the dawn of the video revolution back in the mid-80s, achieving actual national distribution as teenagers for some of their very earliest films, more than a decade before the emergence of the internet and through the old school method of marketing your product to VHS distribution companies and signing deals with local and national video chains!

From start to finish, nuts to bolts, we cover everything the aspiring director needs to be aware of, both positives and pitfalls, to get out there and express their innermost selves, and create and distribute the films they’ve always dreamed of making, without being caught unaware by some of the nasty surprises inherent to and involved in any creative endeavor.

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Mark is a veteran of over 30 movies in the SOV/indie cinema genre since 1986 and still going strong!  Together with his brother John, he has been a true force of nature in the field, with products ranging from the early grue of Splatter Farm to the more sophisticated coproduction with Brett Piper of Muckman!  With a warm humanist approach to a genre generally marked by its seedy and often extreme approach to grue, Mark brings a unique and heartfelt perspective and decades of experience to the table.

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Tim is a veteran of over 14 films in the SOV/indie cinema genre since 1985, starting his career right out of high school at the ripe old age of 17, scripting, selling and directing a film with national distribution and outside investor production costs approximating $250K!  Tim followed up on his early success by delivering no less than four MIke Strauber Truth or Dare films relating the viral nature of the cult of serial killer celebrity, plus such fan favorites as Killing Spree, Creep, the Twisted Illusions and Dirty Cop films, and the unusual but affecting slasher / black comedy / exploration of spiritual belief, Reconciled With the Christ.  A fellow 80’s slasher aficionado, Tim brings a strong sense of humor and a realistic approach to his efforts, underpinned by a razor sharp and incisive sense of social commentary.

Join us for a very special director’s roundtable with Mark Polonia and Tim Ritter, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

Week 83 (Sun. June 15) – Indie Directors Roundtable with Tim Ritter and Mark Polonia