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“What have you been up to, you dog? What have you done to my control room?”

A pleasant mountainside fishing trip turns ugly when K-9 alters the Tardis
aesthetic back to its Troughton-era look and stylings.  But what are these strange calculations he becomes engaged in while attached to the control panel?  And what is the secret behind the jovial robotic explorer they encounter while hiking up mountainside?

The Doctor must face a moral choice where no one wins, a parasitic technology takes over, and we’re left on a cliffhanger ending…

Louise Jameson’s Leela gets quite believably frustrated many times herein, both with the Tom Baker Doctor’s random lines of thought and action and the illogic of foraging for food as wasteful sport, but there is a strong undercurrent of playful banter going on throughout the episode which shows just how much these veterans enjoy being in each others’ company nowadays.

Particularly in stories like this, the Fourth Doctor Adventures these days have begun to display more than a touch of that Jago & Litefoot sensibility, where the sheer fun these two (and John Leeson’s K-9) appear to be having filters through every line delivery, every metaphorical pore of the material, giving the audience a much needed sense of well being and more than the occasional bemused smirk to the listener’s face.

While it’s a bit unexpected to see Big Finish producing a two parter, particularly in the generally standalone episodic world of the Fourth Doctor Adventures, there’s plenty to dig into here, especially on the level of characterization.

Leeson, Jameson and Baker are given ample opportunity to work their magic, and there’s a bit of a sci-fi adventure/horror thing going on plotwise that should keep the more distractable listener suitably on the edge of their seat.