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“They are evil?”

“Well, they’ve certainly got no sense of humour…which in my experience is more or less the same thing!”

In part 2 of last month’s adventure, K-9 hijacks the Tardis into a parallel timestream, delivering the Tom Baker Doctor and Leela (Louise Jameson) to the planet Telos…second home planet of the Cybermen and their legendary Tomb.

The Pat Troughton Doctor and Jamie (both essayed by the loveable Frazer Hines) are also present, ever so briefly, but they really don’t play into matters in any practical respect – consider it an effective cameo, with the Doctors (and some reasonably well matched companions) never really meeting up and joining forces, fanboy-service style. ¬†Similarly, there’s much ado about remote manipulation of both Doctor and timestream…but that’s all just so much schmutters, and quite beside the point.

“Everything in Krelos City is interlinked.”
“Let me guess…a modern marvel to give the people of Krelos a utopian lifestyle?”

A prescient cautionary statement regarding overreliance on technology and the unexamined pursuit of “progress”, author/director Nick Briggs seems to be commenting on the movement towards technological integration…and its dangers.

With recent news items relating to the hacking and remote shutdown (or worse, actual control!) of automobiles, airplanes and even the “smart home” adding on to mounting theft of financial information and identity fraud, it’s become glaringly obvious to all concerned that the long promised “utopian” future brought about by increased reliance on scientific and technological advances has proved at best fraught with heretofore unprecedented hazards, if not an abject Trojan horse of lies.

With each new “security measure” circumvented and fallen casualty to an ever-ahead of the game, frighteningly tech savvy predatorial class, one finds the prospect of returning to the more localized, pen and paper level of society of decades past an oddly comforting one…

“Do you remember what Relly was saying about technology getting out of control.”
“We all laughed.”
“Perhaps that’s what happened on Telos, when somebody warned them about the folly of overreliance on technology.”