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“Where exactly did we find him a cuddly rabbit?”

Arriving in the restricted area of a top security military base during a high alert, the Paul McGann Doctor and Charley Pollard (who’s somehow managed to squeeze herself into the petite Zoe Herriot’s spangly catsuit!).  Luckily, the official they run into is none other than a pre-UNIT Lt. Mike Yates…

“The story was incredible enough to be blatant lies, and yet surely no one would make up a story that combined vagueness, impossiblity, insanity and childishness in such a rich blend.”

A panicking time roach is feeding on timestreams, causing personnel to regress to childhood…or forward to advanced age.  Can a packet of bickies save the day?

There’s plenty of quick comic banter between the Doctor and his feisty Edwardian companion and the sheer absurdity of the affair is placed front and center in Julian Richards’ script.

Fisher delivers a bit of an awkwardly growly take on her original Doctor, but as always carries herself with a likeable mixture of knowing humor and the “proper” affectations of a lady of her character’s era, and director Lisa Bowerman keeps things moving along apace.