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“One last romantic gesture.”
“Blake would be proud.”

After a failed sabotage cum rescue mission to the highly radioactive Laresh Repository, the Liberator crew is in tatters – only Kerr Avon (Paul Darrow) and Jenna Stannis (Sally Knyvette) survive.

Sharing one last drink before going their separate ways, Avon relates the tale of what exactly went wrong on Laresh…

The intrigue continues, going beyond the expected rivalry and interplay between our two leads to issues with some incidental characters – as Avon tries to recruit a new pilot, Jenna uncovers the fact that her notorious ex-partner has been recognized…and worse, that no one can be trusted…

A bridging story and special preview for next April’s finale to the Liberator Chronicles series, Simon Guerrier’s Remnants is being provided free to those who’ve pre-ordered Chronicles Vol. 12, but is also available for standalone purchase.

I’m always happy to hear Paul Darrow’s Kerr Avon in action, and while longtime rival and starry eyed ideologue Jenna is hardly the ideal companion for the chilly, calculating antihero, the dynamic between the two certainly provides for an abundance of sparks and outright conflict.