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The William Hartnell Doctor and Vicki manage to escape from an attack by space pirates. But Steven is still a prisoner…and so is the Tardis.

Forced to make their way through an eerie and dreamlike, ever changing landscape, they alongside village local Thelas travel through strange deserts, foggy swamps and labyrinthine caverns, with steel-like, fire breathing sentient tumbleweeds and pirates in pursuit…

With something of a vague nod to Ken Russell and Paddy Chayefsky’s Altered States, author Nick Wallace delivers an atmospheric and hallucinogenic little piece that takes the better part of it’s running time to reveal its secrets.

Purves offers another easily recognizable take on the Hartnell Doctor, and for most of the tale doesn’t even essay his expected role of Stephen.

Short indeed, but interesting and oddly evocative.