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“Bloodbane the poet would sing of their storming the fortress for years to come.  Everyone who heard it agreed that the best part was when the evil custodian ran away screaming like a little girl.”

Julian Richards offers us another quick vignette featuring the multitalented Frazer Hines as both his own Jamie McCrimmon and the Pat Troughton Doctor (not to mention Zoe Herriott and other roles as required).

“The Custodian believed that terrifying gladiators into submission was the best way to keep them in order…of the ten new gladiators, eight of them had been suitably cowed by their experiences, and sat gibbering in the four corners. However, the two humans looked…completely at peace with the world.

…It was a disconcerting amount of initiative to be shown by someone who was
supposed to have been cowed.”

A brief bit of business revolving around the Tardis’ visit to a War World named Combatia, where a Roman-style gladiatorial arena is the sum total of life for residents and their captive combatants.  But they haven’t yet run across the stubborn pacifism of The Doctor…

“However, the two humans seemed to think they had a choice.
“We will not fight for your amusement.”
“Aye, we’re not some dogs for you to tell what to do.  What if we choose not to fight, eh?”

“The Overlord was not happy…it was because the two humans were now helping their opponents to their feet and refusing to kill them.”

There’s really nothing more to it beyond this utopian (and admittedly rather ivory tower) view of the butterfly in man’s triumph over his baser, less civilized and atavistic nature.  A great idea, which I fully support…but sadly, not one that holds up to empirical and historical evidence.

“The Doctor asked him…whether he’d considered that there might be another way to deal with his emotions, beyond slaughter.”

The best bit is when The Doctor goes up against “Bloodbane, King of Carnage”, who is immediately reduced to a modern day flower child when it comes out that he really enjoys writing poetry (!)

Upon this admission, the deadly MMA veteran and habitual killer instantly lays down his arms and joins what quickly becomes a burgeoning revolution of love and peace (!)

Great idea. Would love to see it happen.

Unfortunately, it never will, in a world filled with the hopelessly flawed human animal, inevitably driven by base instinct and given to selfishness over compassion, civilized behavior, communal endeavor and the higher nature within.

How else to explain the history of the world to date, or the way nations and economies are run today?

Despite a shared hope for a better world than the one we live in, this Way comes entangled with some decidedly mixed impressions and a decidedly spotty track record in the annals of mankind.