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“You’re very fond of him, aren’t you?”

The Jon Pertwee Doctor gets the eye from a flirtatious alien aesthete and intergalactic pilferer of fine art…and Jo’s feeling more than a bit jealous.

Things get a bit catty.

“In his absence, she and Callandra had shared an awkward silence of overly polite smiles…were all the men so easily taken in by her?”

Offering a way out of his Timelord-mandated exile on Earth, the slinky and sinister would-be fourth member of Cat’s Eye appears to have The Doctor under her thumb…and his Tardis at her disposal.

But when Jo stumbles across the truth, you know there’s no way she’s going to let this alien b*tch get away with her man…

“So…that’s it?  You just get into your police box and go?”
He stood before her and brushed her chin with a knuckle.
“Don’t worry, Jo.  I’ll come back for you.  I promise.”

An unusually descriptive yet never florid bit of business, author Philip Lawrence manages to balance a strong evocativeness and marked emphasis on characterization with a modernist, fast moving pace, aided and abetted by the ever-character oriented direction of Lisa Bowerman.  The end result is both winning and quite engaging.

The ever-loveable Katy Manning picks up on the unusually superior script, throwing herself into both narration and dialogue bits with enthusiasm and gusto. The lady clearly knows a good thing when she sees it, and it’s quite apparent that Lawrence is either a fellow Pertwee/Jo-era aficionado or a keen student of same, unusually well versed in the style and dynamics thereof.

Quite likely the best and most listenable of the Short Trips line to date, The Other Woman is sure to bring a Manning-width grin to fans of the Pertwee era.

Highly recommended.