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“You know, I think we may be too intellectual for this paper.”
“Doctor, it’s the Times.”
“There you are, then.”

K-9 picks up an alien signal feed that prompts a full systems shutdown. When The Doctor and the Lalla Ward Romana trace the signal to its source, they discover a dead body, an MI-5 agent and hints of an alien invasion…

Why is the British government involved in swinging 60’s pirate radio? How is pirate radio complicit in an imminent takeover from sinister forces from space? And most pressingly…can Romana survive a shopping trip down Carnaby Street with the professor’s bubbleheaded daughter?

“Is there a supplier’s name? Because if so, we can contact them. Ask them to check their records, tell us what Professor Lanchester ordered. It’ll take time, they’ll send us some post, argue about client confidentiality, find out they’ve lost the relevant paperwork or mislaid the right ledger…”
“Or we could just read the item list off this invoice.”

Well, this is a pleasantly silly one!

With The Doctor pairing off with the dithering Agent Miller (Phil Mulryne) and Romana stuck perusing the latest selection of mod handbags with dizzy professor’s progeny Jill Lanchester (Alix Wilton Regan) before winding up as a “hip and groovy” pirate radio DJ (!), there’s enough lighthearted investigation and more than a hint of period-evocative background to bring the era of Mary Quant and Jean Shrimpton to life once again.

“If that’s the Vardans, you should know that this is a wrong number.”

Tom Baker is his loveably eccentric self, while Lalla Ward channels more of her Gallifrey-era persona, filled with disbelieving sighs and haughty contempt for all surrounding (as opposed to her more playfully girlish teleseries take on the character).

While his time on air is once again brief, John Leeson offers an ageless K-9, Phil Mulryne is loveably doddering as Agent Miller, and Alix Wilton Regan, in what feels like a fairly brief portion of the airtime, manages to credibly deliver a 180 degree switch of alignment if not character.

In all, a very likeable cast combined with an amusingly light script and decent sound design (loved the bit with the seagulls) to offer another winner to the Big Finish Who listener.

Groovy, man…like, dig.