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The Pat Troughton Doctor, Jamie and Zoe visit an abandoned colony, with a deserted but humanoid-friendly city which appears to be occupied by…friendly giant slugs?

As a search crew arrives in search of the missing colonists, Zoe discovers a survivor in the abandoned subterranean tunnels…and some unwelcome faces return for another round…

Frazer Hines delivers his ever-eubellient Jamie McCrimmon and an increasingly distinct take on Pat Troughton.  While he’s delivered a fairly uncanny impression previously, at this point there’s really no mistaking the two very different voices and tonalities coming from the same vocal chords.  Nice work from a man increasingly comfortable in this dual role.

Wendy Padbury similarly offers her best take on a character she’d essayed an astonishing 50 years ago (!), and while, like so many Classic Who actors, time has given her voice more body and character, she retains enough youthful enthusiasm to pull it off well enough.

The story feels quite familiar, as if we’ve been here several times before, both in audio and in the earlier teleseries, and therefore offers few real surprises for the longtime Whovian.

Regardless, it’s an atmospheric enough tale, filled with the sort of exploratory, nigh-archaeological mystery that marks much of the best Who (if not of SF per se) – to offer unfair comparison to Tomb of the Cybermen would be superficial at best, and in fact absurd in many respects.  It’s clearly working a similar paradigm, but remains nonetheless something of a different animal – for better or worse.

Certainly evocative of the Troughton era of Who, the Isos Network definitely hits most of its marks…it just feels so unshakeably familiar as to seem a tad redundant, if not something of a Moebius strip for Who of this vintage.