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Not much to comment on with this one, with the Desiree Cousteau vehicle Pretty Peaches previously reviewed here, and both the Siobhan Hunter (I know…who?!?) and Keisha sequels addressed here.

While there was a clear decline in quality and budget as he progressed through each successive sequel, there’s no question DeRenzy made an attempt to keep something of an “all star” cast throughout.

They, and the choices and caliber of star and starlet on hand, however, do serve as something of a commentary on the dramatic decline in fortunes of the adult film from the 1970’s “couples film” heyday of “porno chic” through and beyond the Lords scandal and move into first video, then a final collapse into the era of Andrew Blake and the whole Zalman King billowing curtain and candle Red Shoe Diaries aesthetic that marked the tail end of the 1980’s through the mid 90’s.

In terms of what you get here by comparison to what was previously released, Pretty Peaches appears to be the same Blu-ray print, albeit minus the directorial interview and the one with 60’s “sexologist” Ted McIlvenna.

Pretty Peaches 2-3 do get the upgrade to Blu, but my comparison showed fairly minor differences between the prior DVD and the new Blu on Pretty Peaches 2.  Interestingly, there appears to be a slightly stronger degree of grain in the early scenes of the already soft Pretty Peaches 3 – not sure what the story is there, but it was a surprise to note.

The bottom line is, if you don’t already have the prior versions, here’s your chance to get all three films in the same Blu-ray format.  You lose a few extras off the original film’s previous Blu, but the differences otherwise appear to be quite negligible.

Probably not worth an upgrade for those who already have the earlier Blu and DVD in their collection, but definitely an easy decision for the rest of you.