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“You might say, surely, being instructed to cheat and kill someone by an evil voice in your head can’t possibly be worse than public school.

And I will say, all things considered, it was about the same…and the food was better!”

Just after joining the Full Tardis crew, Turlough finds it difficult to adjust to the family dynamic therein…and struggling with the Black Guardian’s mission.

But when they land in the famed Gardens of the Dead, they discover more than the sweet memories of loved ones to contend with…for a dustlike alien parasite is also waiting, and may destroy each of them from within…

This was an odd one to review. I confess to having needed to listen to it at least three times before setting to pen, and really, that should say something of just how ephemeral this vignette truly is.

While author Jenny T. Colgan tosses in a few trite Hallmarkisms that seem to drip with deep and meaningful sentiment and hard won life experience, they’re actually all rather light and fluffy, ranging from digs at little brothers to maudlin sentimentality (how bittersweet memories can be, I wonder if anyone remembers me fondly, you get the idea).

While a fair enough diversion, particularly as it pulls in the all-too rarely heard from Mark Strickson as star and narrator, this one will wift past you like a wisp of dust in the wind, or a very fleeting memory of times long past.