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…you’ve missed lively, Siskel vs. Ebert-esque discussions on directorial filmographies, genres, cult television and music like:

Dario Argento

Jesus Franco Manera (Jess Franco…in three parts!)
The early years
The late 60s-early 70’s
The final years

Joe D’Amato

Hammer films

Paul Naschy

The Golden Age of Adult Film

Jean Rollin, Max Pecas, Jean Marie Pallardy, Harry Kumel, Walerian Borowczyk and French cult cinema

British “slap & tickle” sex comedies

Lucio Fulci

Doctor Who (classic and new)

James Bond and the 60’s spy film

Umberto Lenzi, Bruno Mattei, Rino DiSilvestro, Renato Polselli and the directors of Italian Sleaze

Classic anime and hentai

Brigitte Bardot

Mario Bava

Pete Walker and Norman J. Warren

Blaxploitation cinema

Poliziotteschi and Italian crime cinema

Classic British cult television

Edgar Wallace, Dr. Mabuse and the German krimi

our tribute show to Bowie, Lemmy, the Jefferson Airplane and all those who passed on this January

a hilarious chat on superhero television and the CW

Cannon films, Chuck Norris, Charles Bronson, Michael Dudikoff and the ninja film craze

Shaw Brothers classic kung fu films

Dan Curtis in the 1970s and TV movie horror

John Carpenter

Lamberto Bava and Michele Soavi

The Podcast of the Blind Dead, where we talk the films of Amando de Ossorio

Dave DeCoteau, Full Moon and Empire Pictures

the remaining directors of Spanish Horror cinema (Klimovsky, Larraz, Grau, Martin, Piquer Simon and more…)

our Cinco De Mayo celebration of Cinema South of the Border, with Coffin Joe, Isabel Sarli and Emilio “Curious Dr. Humpp” Vieyera

the Brian Clemens / Patrick MacNee Avengers teleseries in all its incarnations

American Gothic pt. 2: Tobe Hooper

Mexican Horror pt. 1 – Lucha Libre vs Los Monstruos

Tony Anthony, still Stranger

Nikkatsu pt. 1: Sun Tribe, Noir, Borderless Action and Seijun Suzuki (and a little bit of pink film as well!)

The Angry Young Man in Winter: Oliver Reed

Spies, Thighs and Private Eyes: Eurospy cinema

our two part Revisitation of the Bond series (in light of the recent comprehensive blu-ray collection, and wending our way through the series once again, en toto…some very different takes on the same material ensue!

Revisiting Bond
Revisiting Bond: the Finale

and the inimitable mad genius of cinema, Klaus Kinski

Plus our patented brand of convivial joviality, “My Dinner With Andre” style personal, philosophical and filmic tangeniality and humour, every Thursday at 7pm EST!

Big news to be announced shortly…as a quirky side entry in the Bond series once said, “never say never again”!

Join hosts “Doc” Savage and Louis Paul and tune in, turn on and take a step outside the mainstream as we dig deep into the rich vein of cult cinema, music and television, right here on Weird Scenes inside the Goldmine!



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