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“That’s what Torchwood does.”
“What, cuts aliens’ heads off?”
“No, that wasn’t planned, that was just…an accident.”
“You accidentally cut an alien’s head off?”
“I didn’t cut it off…I slammed a window down on it.  A few times.”

Torchwood faces a fate worse than death: a run in with the red tape of officialdom.

When the town council starts pushing for permits (to be processed in four months or more…), Gwen is forced to bring the local Planning Officer on a daily run.

Can seasoned civil servant Roger Pugh survive a day at the office…the Torchwood office, that is?

Feeling more like a classic Russell T. Davies episode of Torchwood than anything we’ve seen thus far in the audios, this is the sort of New Who/Torchwood story longtime fans are accustomed to: everyday Joe discovers a lot more than was ever dreamt of in their philosophy, so to speak.

There’s plenty of comedy to be found (remember the council flats footballer who met The Doctor?) and both Eve Myles and Richard Nichols bring their most likeable face to the table for this light, fairly amusing offering.

Sure, there’s the usual touch of darkness (Nichols’ Pugh narrates his little adventure to his dead wife at the local cemetery) and you even get a few lines of thoughtful existential dialogue (shades of the Talking Heads and “once in a lifetime”!), but this is certainly one of the more likeably human stories you’ll encounter in the Torchwood universe.