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“We can’t all think about a thousand things at once, like you!”
“More’s the pity…”

Peri’s stepfather Howard is milling about among the gamers at a casino in space, several light years from Earth.

It seems that someone has cracked the casino code, breaking the bank with one big win after another.  But will one person’s greed cause catastrophic ripples in the timestream?

A light if accurate-feeling nod to the earlier Colin Baker Doctor episodes with Peri, Nigel Fairs’ Prime Winner offers a particularly busy and self-absorbed if not arrogant Doctor and an overeager, desperate for affection (or at least some measure of attention!) Perpugilliam Brown.

There’s less sniping and bitterness than one remembers from the teleseries (at least prior to the break and the very different, far warmer relations that ensued thereon), but this is a comparably bristly affair, akin to a funhouse mirror image of the Jon Pertwee/Jo relationship or perhaps more accurately and directly, the Peter Capaldi/Clara dynamic.

Newbies expecting a Tom Baker/Sarah Jane or David Tennant/Rose sort of Doctor-Companion partnership may find themselves a bit surprised, but this was how The Doctor rolled back in the mid-80’s…

In the end, all (rather simple) mysteries are solved (and fairly simply at that) and all’s right with the world.  Hell, there’s even a foreshadowing hint of the latter Baker/Bryant-era warmth to be felt between the characters by story’s end – closing out on a nod to Baker’s infamous Blakes 7 appearance, no less.

It’s another Short Trip, so there’s not a lot to dig into beyond that.  But for one of these little one-actor/actress narrated vignettes, Prime Winner is as pleasant a diversion as any.