As followers of the Facebook and Twitter are already aware, we have a call out currently to unsigned bands, especially those falling in the goth/punk/metal arena.

We’ve been approached by a podcast partner to host a segment featuring non-label bands cross-genre.

As Third Eye readers know, we’re good with most anything bar country or hip hop, but focus on goth, punk, postpunk, metal in all its subgenres and jazz fusion as a rule.

That said, given this podcast’s own orientation, we’re going to steer clear of the more extreme, black metal/aggro/death end of that spectrum so as not to scare off their audience.

So pretty much anything reasonably melodically inclined, preferably in the following genres:

gothic rock
gothic metal
metalcore (think Killswitch or the first 3 albums from In this Moment)
“occult rock”/ retro 70’s

Any bands falling somewhere along those lines should be viable for this project – they’re just steering clear of bands signed to labels proper.

If you are interested in having your stuff given a brief review and airplay on this podcast segment, contact us and send your promo materials and demo/mp3s our way.

If it’s any good, we’ll get you some airtime!  Either way, if you send something not already reviewed by us, you’ll get a print review in the Monthly Roundup Reviews!