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And for those with serious mommy issues, we have…

Yep, that’s right, it’s exactly what you’d expect.



Long feted in the darker corners of hardcore fandom, the film has always been something of a litmus test to suss out just how much of an unspoken oedipal thing your buddies are trying unsuccessfully to conceal – I could name at least one person of past close personal acquaintance whose eyes would light up eerily when the film or its successors came up in discussion.

Yep.  O-kay, then.


Parker, who tells in the video extra of her “strong attraction to” the odd looking, Lou Reedlike Mike Ranger (Star Virgin, Dracula Sucks, Fantasm Comes Again), is a newly single mother whose middle aged pal Dorothy Le May (herself involved in a three way relationship with sorta cute Miko Yani – who gets banged to the accompaniment of some very tacky neo-traditional Chinese music – and Don Fernando) gets her involved in a round of suburban roulette with a bunch of no-name 70’s swingers in roller boogie lycra (you can tell this was filmed in ’79, that’s all I can say).

Choosing to sit this one out but still getting herself all hot and bothered, Parker heads home to her weird looking pervert of a son, who despite having easy access to both cute redhead Holly McCall and egg-shaped faced Tawny Pearl on a regular basis (and at least once, together), gets off on peeping on his mother in the shower, getting dressed and putting some sort of lotion on her overly pendulous mammaries…and jumps him.

That’s right. The freak kid with an oedipal complex isn’t the initiator. It was the mother.



Eventually, Parker gives in to what, on a relative scale, still qualifies as a more ‘healthy’ relationship with her skeevy, grizzly bear-hairy backed boss Michael Morrison, but as the credits roll, nothing’s actually changed.

“From now on, my life is my life, and I’m doing things my way. And part of my way is keeping you as my lover.”
“And the other part of your way?”
(puts shushing finger to his lips)


With a cast of name “stars” (including not only Parker, LeMay, Ranger and Fernando, but Jesse Adams, Turk Lyon and Juliet Anderson to boot), Taboo does have some well filmed sex scenes, and subject matter aside, I could see people speaking of the film as being “hot” in that respect.

But again.


In terms of extras, you get new (separate) commentaries with Kay Parker and writer/producer Helen Terrie, and then another pair of “archival” commentaries with the same duo, Terrie’s in conjunction with director Kirdy Stevens.

There’s also a 7 minute video interview with Kay Parker where she discusses her entree into adult film. It’s also listed as “archival”, so I’m not sure of the vintage here, but Parker actually looks better these days (or more precisely, at the time of filming) than she did back in her ostensible heyday.

Did I mention she also comes off as reasonably intelligent, well spoken and likeable? Given that Parker has always been (and remains) someone who never does anything for me onscreen, I for one was quite surprised to find her an engaging interview and coming off so likeable. Color me impressed, and hats off to ya, ma’am.

You already know whether this one appeals to you or not…and consequently, whether you should probably look into counseling to deal with some unresolved prepubescent personal issues or no.