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Pushing the envelope is one thing Alex DeRenzy is known for. Weird comedy bordering both the absurdist and slapstick ends of the equation is another.


Dan Roberts is a construction worker who comes looking for a gig at a high end escort service. Unknowns Angela Haze and Carla Harwood alongside regulars Sandy Pinney and Desiree West are the clientele, with Roberts joined by vets Joey Silvera and Paul Thomas to supply the paying customers’ demand. So far, no biggie.


But when apparent one timer and shave job Lyn “Cuddles” Malone drops by to flirt, claiming a skinned knee as pretext, things get a bit iffy by modern day standards.

Roberts is instantly discovered by Malone’s “mother” (Molly Seagrim) and shot down by a gung ho cop (Otis Sistrunk, built like a brick shithouse and clearly having the time of his life here), both of whom just happen to be hanging around that very same seemingly abandoned construction site. Dan falls into the adjoining river, riddled with bullets and left for dead. But is he?


Well, no, actually – he washes ashore, hale and hearty, at the riverside pad owned by escort service employees Amber Hunt and the always a pleasure to see Linda Wong. I gather this serves as a mid-film “prequel”, showing how he wound up working (and holing up at, apparently) the escort service/brothel in the first place.

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West returns sporting a HUGE ‘fro and asking for Roberts, but Paul Thomas muscles his way in instead. There’s a second round with both West and Hunt before we circle ’round yet again to Malone and Seagram, the former of whom is building a bit of a history, if you will.

Back to the male brothel, where Pinney (who’s shown to be a NASCAR driver!) does the Switch thing with Roberts (despite being played up throughout the film prior as strict domme – they informally refer to her as “The Nutcracker”!).


Beefy blonde Harwood goes for Silvera, Kristine Heller drops by for a ménage a trois with Roberts and Silvera and decides to go for round two with every guy in the house…they even haul in guys we’ve never seen before like John Leslie and Turk Lyon (apparently off the damn street or something!). Definitely the best performance yours truly’s seen from Heller to date, and she’s certainly enjoying all the attention.


The ostensible “plot A” finally (ahem) wraps up when vengeful mother Seagrim visits the brothel, wrapping Roberts head to toe in Saran Wrap and having her way with him while making goofy faces and overacting like mad. Luckily for Roberts, the others overhear all the noise and intervene, with some keystone kops style humor closing things out on a “fun” note and reminding the audience that the whole thing’s just a lark after all.

By all objective measures, it seems unlikely to say the least that Malone is what she’s pretending to be here, and if you don’t mind the “subtext” (which isn’t exactly the term when that’s what this is being marketed as), she’s certainly got a pretty face (the Barbie doll thing just ain’t my bag).

While some moments lean towards melodrama or even horror (the Witch Who Came From the Sea comes to mind in terms of where this could easily have gone), it’s ultimately the slapstick-leaning humor and no small measure of prurient value that predominate here.  Pinney, for one, never looked better, and many of the ladies are far from unappealing (you’ll recognize the few notable exceptions immediately when they appear onscreen – nuff said).


Extras consist of an hour long audio interview with Molly Seagrim (who had bit parts in a handful of adult films, including the previously reviewed Deep Tango) about her experiences as extra and crew on these productions, and a 12 minute sound loop called Passion Princess starring a Sid Haig lookalike that carries the same basic theme albeit to greater effect, whether for good or ill.

Look, you should know by know what you’re getting into with vintage De Renzy. And as his films of that era go, these are far more Pretty Peaches 1 than, say, Long Jeanne Silver in terms of what the fuck did I just see factor. Overall, I’d say this was a pretty…”safe” is certainly not the word to use…I guess watchable and successful effort on the DeRenzy scale.

Be aware and take that as you will.