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A decidedly Minneapolis sound / Prince protégée-style theme song sets the mood for this Purple Rain contemporaneous satirical exposee of the television news scene, hardcore style.  Welcome to the wonderful world of Leonard Kirtman’s Hot Flashes…

As you might expect, the tone is blatantly comic and light hearted, with our intrepid trio of news girls (hard edged Southern fried New Waver Nicole Blanc, bubbly weather girl Karen Sumner and scary looking Dorothy Onan) doing investigative reports on streaking, oral, Doc Johnson product reviews and so forth.

In between their hard hitting exposees (which inevitably leave all parties concerned exposed), we get treated to Groove Tube-style commercials for proto-Viagras and vignettes of tuned in and turned on viewers.

Beyond Sumner, you get several recognizable names of the era, including Crystal Breeze, top billed (but barely onscreen) Kristara Barrington and male regulars Zebedy Colt, Jon Martin, Francois Papillon, Don Fernando and Shone Taylor.

There’s really nothing more to this one – sets are limited (about as expansive as it gets is the cramped “set” for the restaurant offering intimate favors in place of food as menu items and an apartment or two), but the humor is less borscht-y than you generally encounter in this genre and the tone is kept deliberately light – you can tell it’s very much a product of its decade.

Blanc, Breeze and Barrington are eye pleasing when onscreen, the others not so much, but nobody really offends or crinkles the nose, “Onan” aside (another great pseudo, there…). Most importantly, it’s nice to revisit an era that appreciated its makeup, music video coiffure and couteure, natural grooming and especially lingerie (what ever happened to actual intentionally arousing undergarments, anyway?).

Bottom line: entirely inconsequential…but kinda fun for all that.

Kind of like the decade itself.