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Our old pal “Frater Zetekh” (currently going by “King Aleister Satan”) is back with the fourth (and fifth…) video from his new dance/industrial side project King Satan (previously reviewed here:)

Less experimental and more straightforward than their previous videos, King Satan’s new “dance with the devil” keeps things on the same basic topic as their prior “psygnosis”, as well as Saturnian Mist’s “the true law”,* for that matter.

* https://thirdeyecinema.wordpress.com/2015/06/05/music-review-saturnian-mist-chaos-magick/

At the risk of getting a touch heady, the supplicant, covered in ashes and soil and seated (or lying) in the mud of a cattle pen (already symbolic, that) filled with both black goats and white sheep (again a rather broad, if honest conception of existence on this plane) embraces and transcends the duality of dhayana and communion with the inner genius/HGA (note all the mandalas and kaleidoscopic imagery) to fall into a full ego death and union in samadhi, represented by some rather direct astral travel and near death experience imagery (and some rather active Kirlian aura/chakra visuals upon achievement of same).

Those who stayed with us thus far on the spiritual journey get an epilogue, set to the band’s “of internal, eternal & spiritual war”, where the aspirant arises anew, literally casting off the dust of his earthen form and joining (and separating from) the physical form astrally…or is it another expression of communion with the HGA? In visual terms, the forward movement of the earlier (named) video is reversed, though not entirely – there is new and continued existence of a more “enlightened” and higher state of consciousness, so to speak.

One of a rare few out there who manages to keep the ol’ eyebrow cocked with interest and an obvious awareness of certain deeper matters, we can’t help but salute the man and his Work(s)…keep ’em coming.

The video(s) can be found here.